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Grammar Mastery Charts


PDF of supplementary charts to review grammar basics!

Audience Available exclusively through the Classical Conversations Essentials program (4th-6th grade).

Provides additional copies of charts from the Essentials of the English Language guide.

Preparation Use with Essentials of the English Language guide alongside your licensed Essentials program.
Ease of use Each grammar mastery chart is paired with a student chart for easy comparison. Permission is granted to make copies within your own home for your family.
Author Leigh Bortins
Page Count 48 pages (begins at page 395)
Format PDF download
Publication Date Revised 4th edition, 2015


General Description

Updated and revised! Reflects 4th Edition Student Mastery Chart revisions, also known as "Part III: Gear" of the new Guide.

Practice and review of the grammar basics are the heart of Essentials of the English Language, so Classical Conversations provides this supplementary set of the charts used in memory work as a downloadable PDF for your family's use. Whether you choose to copy charts as needed for your students, or make your own book of charts for the twenty-four lessons, or slip the pages into plastic sleeves for use with dry-erase markers—make them work for your home school! (And share your creative ideas with other Essentials families on CC Connected!)

An important note about copyright.
Honoring copyright: it is a matter of integrity!

Classical Conversations works diligently to keep costs down and provide helpful resources for your family’s home school, such as this electronic download. This downloadable file is copyrighted, which means that unauthorized reproduction or sharing of this electronic file is prohibited. This includes sharing this file or a printout of this file with other families or groups, even within your own community. Rather, encourage your friends who would like this resource to honor copyright and invest in this helpful and convenient download by purchasing it for their family. Permission is granted to make copies within your own home for your family.

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