NEW for 5th Edition! A must have memorization tool for parents of Foundations students. Cycle 2

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Recommended in Program(s): Foundations
Cycle(s): Cycle 2

The fun and lively songs included in this 3-disc music CD audio set make weekly and subject memory work entertaining and enjoyable. Updated for the Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition!

    • 3-CD set
    • Weekly, by subject, timeline songs, and more
    • © 2019
    • New with the Foundations Fifth Edition, digital versions are also available for purchase and download from iTunes. Click HERE!

What families are saying:

"And for those days when we are feeling like a taxi, the audio cd playing in the car is a life saver! We've done school if we've heard our memory work. Woo hoo!" —Sylvia

Track listing for Foundations Audio CD's Cycle 1:

Weekly CD

  • Track 1-24: Weekly Memory Work Order: Math, Latin, Science, English, Timeline, History, Geography
  • Track 25: Presidents Song (vocal only)

Subject CD

  • Track 1-24: Math
  • Track 25-30: Latin
  • Track 31-32: Science
  • Track 33-34: English
  • Track 35: Timeline
  • Track 36: Presidents Song (vocal only)
  • Track 37-60: History
  • Track 61-62: Geography
  • Track 63: Classical Conversations Vision and Credits

Timeline and More CD

  • Songs - By the Ages (with age dates and millennia)
  • Track 1: Age of Ancient Empires
  • Track 2: The Middle Ages
  • Track 3- Age of Exploration, Age of Absolute Monarchs, Age of Enlightenment
  • Track 4: Age of Industry
  • Track 5: Age of Information and Globalization
  • Track 6: All Ages (entire song)
  • Track 7: All Ages (narration)
  • Track 8: Presidents Song (vocal only)
  • Track 9: Orchestra Song
  • Track 10: Books of the Bible (Old Testament)
  • Track 11: Books of the Bible (New Testament)
  • Track 12: Presidents Song (with guitar)
  • Track 13: Classical Conversations Vision and Credits