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Spell to Write and Read-Core Kit



“SWR does for the word what Essentials does for the sentence." -CC Regional Manager Kirsten Ekberg


Spell to Write and Read (SWR) is a multi-sensory, unified phonics-based language arts program for all ages. This non-consumable curriculum uses visual, auditory, vocal, tactile techniques and is suitable for all students Kindergarten through high school: one or many; slow, average, gifted; native speakers or ESL, and young or old.


The program uses four aids to master spelling: 1) 70 phonograms, 2)28 spelling rules, 3)Think-to-Spell technique, and 4)Simultaneous Multi-sensory instruction (hear, say, see, and write learning avenues). Students master spelling by a spiral process of constantly repeating and reinforcing the phonograms and spelling rules and by using WISE (Words, Instructions, Spelling Enrichment) word lists.
“The spelling instruction of Spell to Write and Read is reinforced by simultaneously teaching other important topics. This integrated language arts approach includes phonics, penmanship, literature, logic, grammar, composition, vocabulary building, figurative language, dictionary skills, Greek and Latin roots, and comprehension. Such a well-rounded presentation helps prevent or remediate spelling and reading failure.”


Core Kit includes:
  • Spell to Write and Read book
  • WISE Guide for Spelling book
  • 70 Basic Phonogram Cards
  • Spelling Rule Cards
  • Phonogram CD


    Students and parent will also need to purchase a learning log for this program. Choose from Learning Log-Primary or Learning Log-Black.


    Practical Homeschooling® Reader Awards, Ranked 1st in SPELLING in 2011 and 1st in PHONICS in 2011 & 2012, In the top three in SPELLING in 2012 & 2014, in PHONICS in 2014, and one of Cathy Duffy’s current 101 Top Picks.