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Our Mother Tongue


Understand the value of communicating clearly


Audience Grades 4–6 (but great all the way through college); recommended in Classical Conversations communities for Essentials parents
Accessibility Most students will require help; accompanying answer key sold separately and highly recommended
Preparation Moderate
Ease of use Plenty of space to complete exercises, large margins for notes
Author Nancy Wilson
Page Count 183
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2004

General Description

The importance of the spoken and written word in Christian culture cannot be overestimated. In this English grammar guide, Nancy Wilson surveys the major concepts in English grammar for beginners at the late elementary and junior high level, or even adults seeking a brush-up. Our Mother Tongue dishes up examples and exercises that go beyond stereotypical, contrived sentences created merely to illustrate a point, relying instead on selections from Scripture and great English literature to instruct students with regard to content, style, and structure. In addition to a helpful format that highlights key definitions, punctuation issues, and important concepts, short historical sidebars tell the fascinating story of the development of English. Nancy Wilson continues the traditional and challenging exercise of sentence diagramming, which trains students to quickly analyze the structure of any given sentence. The grammatical explanations, the logic of diagrams, and the rhetoric of her examples blend with complementary emphases to create a helpful classical and Christian text for Essentials parents.

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