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Prime Advantage 2


This year’s Prime Advantage packet has been completely updated. In addition to receiving access to the 2018 Scouting Board a week in advance, Prime Advantage 2 members will now be able to download past scouting boards and a pdf of the Quick Flip Arithmetic.  Prime Advantage 2 members will also receive all of the benefits of the Prime Advantage 1 packet, which includes  our brand new “How to Practice and Prepare Guide.” Our new packet will give you tips from past competitors, examples of variations used in past competitions, new boards that were recently made available to participants in Classical Conversations’ Essential’s program, as well as lists of multiplication tables and powers for your student to memorize if they wish. We have included a document called Equation Patterns that will show your student examples of patterns they can use to solve equations. The Equation Patterns document is designed to help students see patterns in problem solving. Finally, the Solve ‘em Backwards document is designed to give students a chance to solve for the high numbers first, while giving them a space to write out their equations. We are confident that with practice, your student, will be able to use these tools to become a confident and competent problem solver, and we are also confident that this year’s packet will give your students the “Prime Advantage.”

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