A timeline of the events that shaped world history: Set 1

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Recommended in Program(s): Challenge I, Foundations, Challenge III
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This set is the first set of four sets in a stunning collection of premium quality cards marks a timeline of the 161 events we at Classical Conversations believe shaped world history. Set 1, Ancient History, contains the first 42 cards, and events, in the Classical Conversations history timeline. These cards do not cover the complete "Age of Ancient Empires". Cards 43-53, of set 2, "Medieval World" are needed to complete the "Age of Ancient Empires" timeline events.

    • 5 x 8, cardstock, laminated
    • Set 1 of 4
    • © 2012

What families are saying:

"These cards are excellent. The quality of the card, the concise nature of the information, and the accessibility of the product in general makes this an excellent addition to any homeschooling curriculum. My only lament is that they have not yet developed one dedicated specifically to the biblical timeline and biblical characters." —Ken

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