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Selected Canterbury Tales


In the London of the late 1300s, a band of men and women from all walks of life gathered to begin a pilgrimage...

Audience Grades 10+; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge II
Accessibility Some students will require some guidance
Preparation None required
Ease of use Regular print
Author Geoffrey Chaucer; translated into modern English by J. U. Nicolson
J. U. Nicolson
J. U. Nicolson
J. U. Nicolson
Page Count 135
Format Perfect bound; paperback
Publication Date 2015

General Description

The Canterbury Tales is a collection of narratives showcasing the lives and antics of medieval social classes and professions. As they journey to Canterbury, the many memorable characters take turns telling tales filled with love, lies, humor, and occasional wisdom. Geoffrey Chaucer’s wit and knack for irony keep the reader in stitches while speaking to truths of human nature and the power of choices.

This selection includes:

  • General Prologue
  • The Knight's Tale
  • The Miller's Prologue and Tale
  • The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale