Prime Advantage 3

Prime Advantage 3


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This year’s Prime Advantage 3 packet has been completely redesigned to provide you with all of the tools you need to successfully help your student prepare for the 2019 National Number Knockout competition. This packet is specifically designed for those students who are taking their competition practice to the next level!

This year’s pack includes:

  • Early access to the 2019 Scouting Board
  • A copy of all past scouting boards
  • A PDF of Quick Flip Arithmetic
  • Our “How to Practice and Prepare Guide”
  • Tips and tricks from 2019 N2K Competitors and their parents.
  • Access to all materials created for use in the Classical Conversations program.
  • Three samples of the new written version of Round 1.
  • Access to ALL of the 2018 Round 2 and Round 3 Competition boards


We are confident that with practice, your student, will be able to use these tools to become a confident and competent problem solver, and we are also confident that this year’s packet will give your students the “Prime Advantage.”