A whimsical guide to constructing and appreciating great writing


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How to Write coaches you to write excellent sentences, and trains you to notice and understand when other authors strike gold as well. As Challenge A students begin to outline and write papers, How to Write a Sentence is a valuable tool for parents. Students learn the mechanics of writing, and How to Write refreshes the big picture in parents’ minds, preparing them to nurture their budding communicators.

    • Hardback
    • 165 pages
    • © 2011

What families are saying:

"How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One is an important book, not just for readers and writers, but also for parents and children. It helps you to appreciate sentences, of course, but more importantly helps you to communicate through them. In a world of tweets and LOL's, this is a quickly dying art form—but, an art it is." —Matt Bianco, Writers Circle