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10 Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child



A case for childhood and the imagination

Audience Any parent ready to be challenged to think differently about childhood and the importance of the imagination.
Accessibility Very approachable, requiring no prior knowledge of classical education
Page Count 272
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2013


General Description

Play dates, soccer practice, day care, political correctness, drudgery without facts, television, video games, constant supervision, endless distractions: these and other insidious trends in child rearing and education are now the hallmarks of childhood. As author Anthony Esolen demonstrates in this elegantly written, often wickedly funny book, almost everything we are doing to children now constricts their imaginations, usually to serve the ulterior motives of the constrictors. Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child takes square aim at these accelerating trends, in a bitingly witty style reminiscent of C. S. Lewis, while offering parents—and children—hopeful alternatives. This practical, insightful book is essential reading for any parent who cares about the paltry thing that childhood has become, and who wants to give a child something beyond the dull drone of today’s culture.
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