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SAT-10 Pearson Practice Test Materials

These pamplets are NON-REFUNDABLE and Leigh says, Do NOT order these PAMPHLETS until...

 ...you have read the following information. These pamphlets are expensive for their little size and she knows it. They prepare your child for the SAT-10 specifically and are only 15 pages long! It helps a child learn to bubble in and listen. These pamphlets do NOT help the student practice particular skills. These pamphlets are published by Pearson, the publisher of the Stanford-10 Achievement Tests used by Homeschool Testing Services. They are designed to help students prepare specifically for the SAT-10 Tests. This differs from the Spectrum Test materials in that the Spectrum materials are preparatory for standardized tests in general. Stanford-10 Practice Test We recommend using the Practice Test to prepare your student for the Stanford-10 Achievement Test. This booklet covers questions from each test section and will familiarize your student with test directions, answer coding, and the types of questions that appear on the test. (Booklet includes practice Listening questions; to practice the listening questions you are required order the corresponding Directions for Administering Booklet.) 15 pages. Order according to test level.Stanford-10 Directions for Administering This booklet contains fully-scripted instructions for administering the Stanford-10 Achievement Practice Test and includes Listening practice questions. (The Practice Test Listening section cannot be completed without this booklet.) If you are familiar with end-of-grade testing procedures, and you choose not to practice Listening questions, you do not need this booklet. 12 pages. Order according to test level. Due to the consumable nature of these materials and the changes the publisher makes each year on their prep materials, all sales on Test Prep materials are final. We will be glad to exchange if a mistake was made on the level you meant to purchase. Thank you for your purchase.