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Introduction to Policy Debate (Available while supplies last!)


A standard introduction to competitive debate

Audience Ages 14-adult; recommended in Classical Conversations communities for Challenges I-III.
Accessibility Moderate; some students will require guidance and there is no answer key to end-of-chapter questions
Preparation Moderate
Ease of use Clear, well organized, and concise, space for notes and charts
Author Christy L. Shipe
Page Count 209
Format Spiral-bound
Publication Date 2012 (fifth edition)

General Description


This accessible textbook opens the door to the exciting world of debate. Written for beginning debaters, it first answers the question, "What is formal debate?" then unfolds each subsequent step, including researching the resolution, constructing the affirmative case, preparing the negative strategies, using evidence, and practicing speech and delivery. Going beyond the basic skills of debate, Christy Shipe teaches students how to debate in the pursuit of truth rather than to defeat an opponent, how to win and lose graciously, and what the Bible has to say about debating. From the very practical to the very ideological, this text guides the reader through the arena of debate within a Christian worldview, revealing how anyone can debate for the glory of God.