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2017 Fall Merchandise

Welcome to CC's 2017 Fall Merchandise Collection! 

Fall is here and cooler weather is on its way. Be sure to stay warm during the winter with our CC gear. Check out our awesome lineup of CC jackets, shirts, and other accessories. For a limited time, if you spend $250 or more on any CC Merchandise you will receive 20% off ALL merchandise items!

Please note, all items will have the Classical Conversations Logo on them. 

Can you use help staying organized when placing a large order for your group or community? We have a tool that can help! Simply download the Classical Conversations Community Merchandise Form and use it to help keep track of all your items. This form can be downloaded & printed so that each community family member interested in participating in a group merchandise order, can fill this out for their respective family's order. Then, the person responsible for placing the entire community's order can collect each family's Merchandise Organization form and place the entire community's order to receive the 20% off merchandise orders of $250 or more.